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Prisons Division
Agency Number:
Start Date:
15 Mar 1983
End Date:
06 Apr 1987
When the Prisons Department was amalgamated into the Law Department on 15 Mar 1983 it became the Prisons Division of the new Department. The Adult Probation and Parole Service of the former Attorney-General's Department became, once again,the responsibility of the Director of Prisons. On 6 April 1987, to reflect changing social and political attitudes to the prison service, its name was changed to the Corrective Services Division.~
Legislation Administered:
Prison Act 1977, Probation of Offenders Act 1973
Legislation Creating:
SR 1983/57
Functions Performed:
Law enforcement
Controlling Agencies:
Law Department (TA373)15 Mar 198317 Jul 1989
Previous Agencies:
Prisons Department (TA905)22 Dec 195915 Mar 1983
Subsequent Agencies:
Corrective Services Tasmania (TA907)06 Apr 1987