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Treasury Department
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1824
End Date:
17 Jul 1989
Provide the Government with advice on financial and economic policy matters, assist the government in the formulation and implementation of its budgetary strategies, assess and collect certain taxes and provide computer and superannuation services. In 1976 the ADP Section of the Public Service Board was transferred to Treasury as the Computer Services Branch. As such it established and ran the Government Computer Centre to service the ADP needs of Tasmanian Government Agencies. As part of a general re-organisation of the Tasmanian State Service, on 17 July 1989, the Treasury was amalgamated with the Public Trust Office to create the Department of Finance and its Computer Services Branch was transferred to the Department of Administrative Services.
Legislation Administered:
Agriculture Show Societies and Sports Clubs (Guarantees) Act 1960, Albert Henry Jackson Pension Act 1931, Aluminium Industry Act 1960, Beauty Point Landslip Act 1970, Building Societies (Guarantees) Act 1956, Business Undertakings Assistance Act 1984, Carbide Industry Agreements Act 1984, Carbide Industry Development Act 1976, Cascade Brewery Company Ltd (Shareholders Trust) Act 1981, Circular Head Marine Board Loan Act 1950, Commonwealth and State Public Debt Redemption Agreement Act 1928, Commonwealth and State Statistical Agreement Act 1924, COmmonwealth Bank (Interpretation) Act 1954, Community Centre Loans Act 1959, Consolidated Fund Appropriation Acts (Annual), Consolidated Revenue Fund Appropriation Acts (Annual), Consolidated Revenue Fund Supply Acts (Annual), Debt Conversion Agreement Act 1931, Debt Conversion Agreement Act (no2) 1931, Deceased Persons' Estates Duties Act 1931, Decimal Currency Act 1965, Devonport Marine Board Loan Acts 1946 and 1953, Duties on Real and Personal Estates 1879, Elderly Citizens' Clubs and Youth Centres Act 1966, Electric Power Development (Loan Agreement) Act 1968, Electricity Consumption Levy Act 1986, Employment Incentives Assistance Act 1984, Emu Bay Municipality Loan Act 1912, Financial Agreement Act 1927, Financial Agreement (Sinking Fund Contributions) Act 1977, Financial Agreement (Variation) Acts 1944 and 1976, Financial Institutions Duty Act 1986, First Home Assistance Act 1982, Fish Canneries Act 1958, Fliners Marine Board Act 1952, Glenorchy Roads Act 1933, Hobart Gas Compnay Act 1977, Hobart Marine Board Loan Act 1947, Home Purchase Loans Guarantee Act 1977, Hydro-Electric Commission (Contributions) Act 1980, Income Tax Collection Arrangement Act 1948, Industries Assistance Act 1977, Investment in Government Securities Act 1901, IPEC Holdings Limited (Bass Strait Shipping Service) Loan Guarantee Act 1978, Judges' Contributory Pensions Act 1968, Judges' Pensions Act 1951, King Island Marine Board Loan Act 1971, King Island POrt Facilities Agreement Act 1971, King Island Port Facilities (Financial Assistance) Agreement Act 1976, King Island Shipping Service (Loan Agreement) Act 1974, Land and Income Taxation Act 1910, Launceston Gas Compnay Loan Guarantee and Subsidy Act 1976, Launceston Marine Board Loan Act 1951, Lawrence Vale Landslip Act 1961, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Subsidy) Act 1980, Loan (Hydro-Electric Commission) Act 1957, Loan Fund Appropriation Acts (Annual), Loan Funds Supply Acts (Annual), Loan Guarantee (Electricity Generating Plant) Act 1967, Local Bodies Interest Guarantee Act 1902, Local Government (Rates and CHarges Remissions) Act 1977, Mersey Marine Board Loan Act 1936, Midway Point Improvement Act 1975, Midway Point Improvement (Doubts removal) Act 1983, Miners' Pension Act 1982, Parliamentary Retiring Benefits Act 1985, Parliamentary Salaries and Allowances Act 1973, Parliamentary Superannuation Act 1973, Parliamentary Superannuation (Special Provisions) Act 1985, Pay-Roll Tax Act 1971, Petroleum Products Subsidy Act 1965, Police Association Loan Guarantee Acts 1968 and 1970, Port Huon Wharf Act 1955, Public Account Act 1986, Public Authorities (Overseas Borrowing) Act 1979, Public Bodies Assistance Act 1971, Public Debt Sinking Fund Act 1892, Public Servants' Retiring and Death Alowances Act 1925, Railways (Transfer to Commonwealth)(Retirement Benefits) Act 1977, Retirement Benefits (Transferred Court Officers) Act 1978, Retirement Benefits (Transferred Library Employees) Act 1978, Retirement Benefits (Transferred Tasmanian College of Advanced Education Employees) Acts 1978 and 1970, Retirement Benefits Act 1982, Softwood Forestry Acts 1972 and 1978, St. Johns Hospital Loan Guarantee Acts 1968 and 1977, St Vincent's Hospital Loan Guarantee Act 1977, Springdield Improvement Act 1958, Stamp Duties Act 1931, Stamp Duties (Receipts) Act 1970, State Grants COmmission Act 1976, State Loans and Loan Guarantees Act 1976, State Loans to LOcal Bodies Act 1929, State Salaries (Commonwealth Taxation) Act 1916, State Savings Bank Transfer Agreement Act 1963, State Sinking Fund Act 1929, Statistical Returns Act 1877, Strahan MArine Board Loan Act 1963, Superannuation (Transferred Tasmanian College of Advanced Education Employees) Act 1980, Supplementary Appropriation Acts (Annual), Tamar Yacht Club Loan Guarantee Act 1970, Tasman Bridge Disaster Trust Account Act 1975, Tasmanian Public Finance Coporation Act 1985.
Legislation Creating:
Administrative action.
Functions Performed:
Finance management
Controlled Agencies:
Customs Department (TA61)01 Jan 182731 Dec 1901

Internal Revenue Branch (TA1670)31 Jan 183930 Apr 1880

Magazines and Explosives Department (TA1001)01 Jan 187331 Dec 1914

Land Tax Branch (TA1676)01 Jul 194631 Dec 1957

Probate Branch (TA1674)01 Jul 194631 Dec 1957

Valuation Branch (TA392)01 Jan 194818 Sep 1998

Entertainments Tax Branch (TA1687)01 Oct 195331 Dec 1957

Taxation Branch (State Revenue Office) (TA1677)01 Jan 195731 Dec 1994

Office of the Commissioner for Licensing (TA1603)01 Jan 197603 Apr 2000
Previous Agencies:
Commissariat Department (TA58)01 Jan 180431 Dec 1895

Public Service Board Department (TA78)01 Jan 197331 Dec 1985
Board of Tenders (TA229)01 Jan 188031 Dec 1923
Subsequent Agencies:
Internal Revenue Department (TA1669)01 Jan 182831 Jan 1839

Entertainments Tax Branch (TA1687)01 Oct 195331 Dec 1957

Department of Administrative Services (TA898)17 Jul 198907 Nov 1989

Department of Finance (TA915)17 Jul 198909 Nov 1989
Series Created By Agency:
TRE66 Miscellaneous Documents01 Jan 182222 Sep 1908

TRE39 Land Grant Deeds.30 Jun 182324 Nov 1858

TRE59 Specimens of Bank Note Printing Papers, from Bradbury, Wilkinson and Co, London, and the Papyrograph Agency, Melbourne.01 Jan 182417 Jul 1989

TRE106 Superannuation Branch - Indenture and Stock Certificate between Public Service Superannuation Fund Board and the Honourable Sir Neil Elliott Lewis Kcmg.01 Jan 182417 Jul 1989

TRE43 Land Lease Deeds.04 May 182431 Dec 1883

TRE13 Ledgers of Receipts and Expenditure of the Colonial Government.19 Jun 183031 Dec 1855

TRE29 Ledger of the Colonial Tresurer's Current Account with the Assistant Colonial Treasurer, Launceston.01 Jan 183104 Jun 1831

TRE103 Weekly Report on the State of the Treasury.01 Aug 183330 Sep 1916

TRE156 Quarterly Returns of Wine and Spirits Bought and Sold by Various Publicans in the Launceston District.01 Jul 183530 Sep 1835

TRE44 Deeds of the Surrender of Land to the Crown.29 Oct 183508 Jun 1864

TRE45 Various Bonds.17 Jul 183803 Nov 1885

TRE69 Stores Branch - Journal of Accounts with Various Merchants and Others for the Supply of Goods to the Government.01 Sep 184531 Mar 1858

TRE42 Alphabetical Registers of Land Grant Deeds received and Delivered, with Details of Land.01 Jan 184831 Dec 1884

TRE21 Registers of Revenue received from the Sale and Rent of Crown Lands and Fees Connected Therewith, Buildings, Public Investments and Other Sources.01 Jan 184830 Jun 1927

TRE51 Deeds, Indentures and Certificates relating to Mortgages.26 Feb 184930 Apr 1877

TRE40 Authorities for the Treasury to Issue Grant Deeds to Agents, and associated Papers.01 Aug 185128 Feb 1950

TRE46 Bonds for the Discharge of Public Duties.05 Jul 185219 Nov 1881

TRE68 Stores Branch - Register of Goods and Services Purchased for the Government.01 Jan 185330 Nov 1865

TRE10 Immigration Agents' Statement of Payments received, and of the Amount of Difference to Be Returned under the Reduced Scale of Payments on Account of Passage Money of Assisted Immig25 Aug 185416 Sep 1854

TRE41 Returns of Grant Deeds Transmitted by the Registrar of Deeds to the Treasury.01 Mar 185530 Apr 1907

TRE70 Stores Branch - Orders for the Supply of Goods to Surveying Parties with Receipts from Suppliers for the Payment of Accounts.01 Nov 185531 Jan 1856

TRE72 Stores Branch - Receipts for Goods supplied by Contractors to the Colonial Services.01 Jan 185629 Feb 1856

TRE71 Stores Branch - Returns of Staff employed in Colonial Institutions or Working on Colonial Projects, for Whose Victualling the Supplies were Obtained.01 Jan 185629 Feb 1856

TRE3 Index to General Correspondence.01 Jul 185731 Dec 1860

TRE52 Contracts.02 Oct 185712 Mar 1872

TRE27 Account of Disbursement from Various Departments, and of Interest paid on Government Debentures.01 Jan 185831 Aug 1859

TRE28 Registers of Special Authorities received for the Expenditure of Public Monies, with Particulars of Goods and Services.24 Feb 185830 Jun 1951

TRE53 Conveyances of Land.11 Oct 186007 Nov 1866

TRE111 Mortgage Register - Hobart and Launceston Corporations and Other Local Authorities.01 Jan 186131 Dec 1916

TRE153 General Correspondence (1)01 Jan 186331 Dec 1864

TRE54 Abstract of Title to Land.13 Nov 186313 Nov 1863

TRE55 Assurance and Insurance Policies.16 Nov 186403 May 1916

TRE14 Statements of Revenue and Expenditure, Accounts Current and associated Papers.01 Jan 186631 Dec 1872

TRE11 Register of Secretary of State's Despatches Referred to the Colonial and under Treasurer.16 Dec 186830 Apr 1908

TRE151 Balance Book of the Tasmanian Governments' Accounts with the Consolidated Bank, London.01 Jan 186931 Dec 1880

TRE1 General Correspondence (2)01 Jan 186931 Dec 1902

TRE4 Index to General Correspondence.01 Jan 186931 Dec 1902

TRE57 Cancelled Government Treasury Bills issued under Authority of the Debentures Act 1869.01 Jan 187001 Jan 1870

TRE60 Alphabetical Register of Persons Who have given Authority for Others to Collect Money on their Behalf ("procuration Register").01 Jan 187531 Dec 1938

TRE61 Specimens of Debentures, Securities and Interest Coupons relating to Loans Raised by the Tasmanian Government, the Hobart City Corporation, the Launceston City Council, and the Vic01 Jan 187631 Dec 1930

TRE152 Cash Book of Income and Expenditure by Government Departments.01 Jan 187731 Dec 1884

TRE73 Stores Branch - Miscellaneous Stocktaking and Accounting Records of the Colonial Storekeeper.01 Jan 187731 Dec 1892

TRE56 Cancelled Government Debentures issued under Authority of the Treasury Bills Act 1869.03 Apr 187803 Apr 1878

TRE112 Register of Certificates of Discharge by the Auditor-General.01 Jan 188031 Dec 1929

TRE77 Cash Book of Expenditure by Government Departments.01 Jan 188131 Dec 1883

TRE62 Report and Transcript of Evidence of a Board Appointed to Enquire Into the Workings of the Colonial Storekeeper's Department and Papers relating to Subsequent Action Resulting from06 Jun 188108 Aug 1894

TRE2 Registers of General Correspondence.01 Jan 188331 Dec 1902

TRE35 Cash Book of Expenditure by Various Departments under the Estimates.01 Jan 188531 Dec 1886

TRE36 Cash Book of Expenditure on Roads and Other Public Works.01 Jan 188531 Dec 1888

TRE90 Account of Income, Expenditure and Investment of Monies of the Assurance Fund under the Real Property Act (25 Vic No 16).01 Jan 188931 Mar 1950

TRE92 Account of Payments of Loans, Sinking Funds and Investments under Local Bodies Loans Acts.01 Jan 188931 Dec 1927

TRE135 Accounts Presented to the Government for Services Rendered (Treasury Vouchers) [Srd].01 Jul 189031 Jul 1890

TRE91 Account of Loans and Sinking Fund Payments under Local Public Works Loan Acts.01 Jan 189331 Dec 1931

TRE12 Register of Letters from the Agent-General to the Consolidated Bank Referred to the Colonial and under Treasurer.01 Aug 189331 Aug 1922

TRE102 Account of Interest Payable on Treasury Bills and Debentures.01 Jan 189631 Dec 1917

TRE5 General Correspondence (3)13 Nov 189612 Jun 1958

TRE133 Stores Branch - Authorities for the Purchase of Stores, with Requisitions, Tenders and associated Correspondence [Srd].01 Jan 189931 Dec 1899

TRE140 Stores Branch - Butts of Departmental Requisition Forms Drawn on the Government Store [Srd].07 Jan 190101 May 1904

TRE7 Indexes to General Correspondence (3)01 Jan 190230 Jun 1950

TRE8 Register of Correspondence relating to Railways.01 Jan 190231 Dec 1937

TRE6 Register of General Correspondence (3)01 Jan 190212 Jun 1942

TRE9 Register of Correspondence to Commonwealth Matters.01 Jan 190331 Dec 1943

TRE67 Stores Branch - Correspondence, Inspector, Stores.01 Jan 190330 Jun 1922

TRE63 Register of Collectors of Revenue in State Departments for Whom Guarantee Policies Are Held by the Treasury.01 Jan 190431 Dec 1913

TRE139 Stores Branch - Receipt Vouchers for Goods Delivered from the Government Stores [Srd].01 Jan 190431 Mar 1904

TRE137 Stores Branch - Stores received and issued Sheets, and Other Stock-Taking Records of the Inspector of Stores for the Hospital for the Insane, New Norfolk [Srd].01 Feb 190630 Apr 1907

TRE134 Stores Branch - Letters from the Agent-General and the Premier Enclosing Bills of Lading, Invoices and Indents for Goods Purchased in the United Kingdom [Srd].01 Mar 190931 Dec 1909

TRE141 Stores Branch - Advertising Copy Returned from Printers to Accompany Accounts for the Insertion of Notices Etc in the Press [Srd].01 Aug 190931 Oct 1909

TRE83 Index to Register of Special Authorities.08 Sep 190931 Dec 1914

TRE89 Ledgers of Expenditure of Loan Money under Various Acts of Parliament.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1940

TRE138 Stores Branch - Stock Sheets Compiled by the Inspector of Stores for Taking Stock of Materials in the Government Stores, Hobart [Srd].31 Dec 191031 Dec 1910

TRE16 Journal of Income and Expenditure under the Railway Capital Works Account.01 Feb 191230 Apr 1922

TRE126 Cash Book of Payments to Local Authorities.01 Jan 191430 Apr 1917

TRE97 Ledger of Income and Expenditure of Sinking Funds under Local Public Works Loans Acts and Local Bodies Loans Acts.01 Jul 191431 Jul 1927

TRE94 Ledger of Income and Expenditure of Consolidated Revenue, Arranged under Departments.01 Dec 191430 Jun 1965

TRE98 Ledger of Income and Expenditure of Public Debt Account, and of Sale of Securities under Various Loans and Local Inscribed Stock Acts.01 Dec 191431 Jul 1957

TRE96 Ledger of Income and Expenditure under the Loan Account.01 Dec 191431 Jul 1927

TRE95 Ledgers of Income and Expenditure of Funds Loaned to Local Bodies.01 Dec 191431 Jul 1927

TRE104 Quarterly Account of Receipt and Expenditure of Revenue.31 Mar 191630 Jun 1938

TRE93 Ledger of Income and Expenditure under Various Trust & Special Accounts01 Dec 191630 Jun 1948

TRE99 Ledger of Receipts and Expenditure of the Public Debts Sinking Fund in Its Various Accounts.01 Jul 191830 Jun 1952

TRE37 Journal of Money paid out for Pensions, Retired Allowances Mainly to Army Personnel.01 Jan 191931 Dec 1925

TRE50 Register of Hotel and Public House Licences issued.01 Jan 191931 Dec 1955

TRE38 Journals of Expenditure under the Hydro- Electric Purchase Act 1914.01 Nov 192030 Jun 1927

TRE87 Register of Contracts for Public Works and Payments Made Thereon.01 Jan 192131 Dec 1927

TRE109 Register of Interest Payable on State Loans to Local Bodies.01 Jan 192231 Dec 1941

TRE114 Journal of Receipts and Expenditure of the Returned Soliders Settlement Fund - under 7 Geo V No 20.01 Sep 192230 Jun 1929

TRE17 Journal of Income and Expenditure under the Loan Account, State Agricultural Farm.01 Feb 192331 Jan 1925

TRE120 Register of the Receipt of Money from Tax on Totalisator Collections at Racing Club Meetings.07 Jul 192323 Apr 1953

TRE18 Journal of Income and Expenditure under the Railway Manufacturing Account.01 Oct 192330 Jun 1927

TRE15 Ledger of Income and Expenditure under Various Hydro-Electric Works Execution Acts.01 Nov 192330 Jun 1927

TRE19 Journal of Income and Expenditure under the Railway Stores and Materials Account.01 Dec 192330 Nov 1927

TRE79 Index to Correspondence concerning the Raising of Loan Money from Various Sources.01 Jan 192431 Dec 1928

TRE123 Register of Quarterly Returns of Liquor Tax Payments.01 Jan 192431 Dec 1951

TRE105 Journal of Payments and Receipts of the Accounts Administered by the Agent General.01 Apr 192431 Mar 1957

TRE88 Abstracts of Expenditure of Consolidated Revenue.01 Jul 192630 Jun 1954

TRE122 Register of Estate Agents' Licences issued.01 Jan 192731 Dec 1960

TRE84 Register of Supplementary Authorities.01 Jan 192731 Dec 1939

TRE118 Register of Payments under the Federal Aid to Roads Trust Fund.01 Apr 192731 Jul 1944

TRE85 Registers of Special Disbursements of Revenue.01 Jul 192730 Jun 1953

TRE64 Summary of Rates Demanded by Municipalities.01 Jul 192730 Jun 1935

TRE127 Queries Made from the Audit Department to the under Treasurer.21 Feb 192814 Sep 1929

TRE115 Journal of Receipts and Expenditure of the Closer Settlement Act (Soldiers) Account - under 20 Geo V No 77.01 Jul 192930 Jun 1937

TRE116 Journal of Receipts and Expenditure under Closer Settlement Act (Soldiers Loan Account).01 Jul 192930 Jun 1930

TRE108 Register of Investments on Behalf of Various Authorities.01 Jan 193131 Dec 1951

TRE101 Register of Investments of Monies by the State Sinking Fund in Its Various Accounts.01 Jan 193213 Feb 1966

TRE100 Account of Receipts and Expenditure of the State Sinking Fund Commissioners.01 Jul 193231 Aug 1953

TRE30 Daily Statements of Account of the Treasury with the Commonwealth Bank ("treasurer's Bank Pass Book").27 Oct 193229 Aug 1952

TRE128 Butts of Licences to Sell Shares in Lottery Tickets.01 Jan 193531 Dec 1952

TRE129 Butts of Packet Licences issued for Various Ships.01 Jan 193531 Dec 1955

TRE119 Register of the Issue and Return of Bookmaker's Betting Tickets.01 Jan 193505 Jan 1965

TRE130 Ministerial Branch Correspondence01 Jan 193631 Dec 1945

TRE65 Alphabetical Register of Persons Who have Lodged Money with the Agent-General for the Bush Fire Relief Fund.01 Jan 193931 Dec 1939

TRE81 Registers of Amounts Credited to Estimates.01 Jul 193930 Jun 1954

TRE155 Superannuation Branch - Mortgage Files.01 Jan 194031 Dec 1970

TRE117 Journal of Receipts and Expenditure under Various Loan Accounts Raised Through the Agricultural Bank.01 Jul 194130 Jun 1945

TRE82 Register of Monies Credited to Loans Accounts under Various Loans Acts and from Inscribed Stock & Debentures01 Jul 194530 Jun 1955

TRE31 Departmental Estimates of Anticipated Revenue and Expenditure with Explanatory Notes.01 Jan 194931 Dec 1955

TRE107 Registers of Accounts Passed for Payment.01 Jan 194931 Dec 1958

TRE113 Register of Salaries paid to Public Service Officers.01 Jan 195031 Dec 1953

TRE32 Departmental Estimates of Anticipated Expenditure (Form a) and associated Papers.01 Jan 195131 Dec 1955

TRE34 Departmental Submissions relating to Estimates.01 Jan 195331 Dec 1954

AE470 General Correspondence01 Jan 195331 Dec 1995

TRE33 Revised Departmental Estimates of Anticipated Revenue and Expenditure.01 Jan 195331 Dec 1954

AE781 Correspondence with the Australian Aluminium Production Commission10 Sep 195302 Mar 1962

AE776 Minutes & Agenda Papers of the Comalco Aluminium (Bell Bay) Ltd Board31 Oct 195505 May 1981

TRE131 Correspondence of the Trustees and associated Documents relating to Prudent Investors Pty Ltd and Investments Pty Ltd (in Liquidation).01 Jan 195931 Dec 1960

AE779 Index to General Correspondence (4)01 Jan 195931 Dec 1995

AE778 Numerical Index to General Correspondence (4)01 Jan 195931 Dec 1995

TRE154 Superannuation Branch - Pension Files.01 Jan 196031 Dec 1977

AE771 Tasmanian Submissions & associated Papers to the Commonwealth Grants Commission Review01 Aug 197931 Dec 1981

AE381 General Correspondence relating to Information Technology Issues24 Nov 198031 Dec 2001

AF345 Strategic, Corporate and Business Plans01 Jul 198630 Jun 2000