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Department of Parks, Wildlife and Heritage
Agency Number:
Start Date:
17 Jul 1989
End Date:
02 Feb 1993
Manage the State's National Parks, Reserves and wildlife resources, conduct scientific studies, prepare management plans, advise on land use policy and preserve sites significant to aboriginal and European heritage of Tasmania. 

The Department was created by a process of amalgamation as part of a general reorganisation of the Tasmanian State Service on 17 July 1989. It comprised Parks and Wildlife from the Department of Lands, Parks and Wildlife, the Administrative Services Division of the Department of the Environment and the Heritage Section of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet. On 1 July 1990 the Department assumed administrative control of the Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. On 18 February 1992, following a change of Government, the Inland Fisheries Commission also came under the administrative control of the Department, transferred from the Department of Primary Industry. 

On 2 February 1993 the Department was amalgamated with the Department of Environment and Planning to create the Department of Environment and Land Management (DELM). The Parks and Wildlife Service became a division within DELM.
Information Sources:
Parks and Wildlife Service website
Legislation Administered:
Abandoned Lands Act 1973 (until 1992), Aboriginal Relics Act 1975, Botanical Gardens Act 1950, Ida Bay Railway Act 1977 (from 1992, Mountain Park Act 1958 (until 1992), National Park and Florentine Valley Act 1950 (in so far as it relates to the validity of proclamations relating to the Mount Field National Park), National Parks and Wildlife Act 1970, National Trust of Australian (Tasmania) Act 1975, Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority Act 1987, Whales Protection Act 1988
Legislation Creating:
Legislation Abolishing Agency:
administrative action
Series Created By Agency:
AB567 General Correspondence [3].01 Jan 184231 Jul 2002

AG83 Plans of Developments by Parks and Wildlife Service25 Nov 193823 Dec 2005

AA622 Logbooks of Huts on Walking Tracks.01 Jan 194031 Dec 2002

AF52 Macquarie Island Field Notes07 Dec 197310 Mar 1997

AE747 Snow Surveys01 Jan 197631 Dec 1992

NS6716 Publication Development01 Jan 199931 Dec 2001