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Department of Finance
Agency Number:
Start Date:
17 Jul 1989
End Date:
09 Nov 1989
Provide Government with advice and assistance on financial and economic matters , to plan and monitor budget strategies, to assess and collect certain taxes and to oversee the management and operation of the Public Trust Office and the State Government's superannuation schemes. The Department was created by amalgamating the Department of Treasury and the Public Trust Office. Five months later the Department was renamed Treasury & Finance to avoid confusion in the public mind and assist in dealing with the Commonwealth and other States.
Legislation Administered:
Agricultural Show Societies and Sports Clubs (Guarantees) Act 1960, Albert Henry Jackson Pension Act 1931, Aluminium Industry Act 1960, Ambulance Service Contributions Act 1987, Anzac Day Observance Act 1929, Beauty Point Landslip Act 1970, Building Societies (Guarantees) Act 1956, Burnie Marine Board Loan Act 1936, Business Undertakings Assistance Act 1984, Carbide Industry Development Act 1976, Cascade Brewery Co. Ltd (Shareholders Trust) Act 1981, Circular Head Marine Board Loan Act 1950, Commonwealth and State Statistical Agreement Act 1924, Commonwealth Bank (Interpretations) Act 1954, Community Centres Loans Act 1959, Consolidated Fund Appropriation Acts (Annual), Consolidated Fund (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 1986, Consolidated Fund Supply Acts (Annual), Debt Conversion Agreement Act 1931, Debt Conversion Agreement Act (No. 2) 1931, Deceased Persons Estates Duties Act 1931, Decimal Currency Act 1965, Devonport Marine Board Loan Acts 1946 and 1953, Elderly Citizens' Clubs and Youth Centres Act 1966, Electric Power Development (Loan Agreement) Act 1968, Electricity Consumption Levy Act 1986, Emu Bay Municipality Loan Act 1912, Export Packers Ltd Loan Guarantee Act 1976, Financial Agreement Act 1927, Financial Agreement (sinking Fund Contributions) Act 1977, Financial Agreement (Variation) Acts 1944 and 1976, Financial Institutions Duty Act 1986, First Home Assistance Act 1982, Fish Canneries Act 1958, Flinders Marine Board Loan Act 1947, Hydro-Electric Commission (Contributions) Act 1980, Income Tax Collection Arrangement Act 1948, Investment in Government Securities Act 1901, Ipec Holdings Limited (Bass Strait Shipping Service) Loan Guarantee Act 1978, Judges' Contributory Pensions Act 1968, Judges' Pensions Act 1951, Judges' Pensions Act 1970, King Island Marine Board Loan Act 1971, King Island Port Facilities Agreement Act 1971, King Island Port Facilities (Financial Assistance) Agreement Act 1973, King Island Shipping Service (Loan Agreement) Act 1974, Land Tax Acts (Annual), Land and Income Taxation Act 1910, Launceston Gas Company Loan Guarantee and Subsidy Act 1976, Launceston Marine Board Loan Act 1951, Lawrence Vale Landslip Act 1961, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Subsidy) Act 1980, Loan Guarantees (Electricity Generating Plant) Act 1967, Loan (Hydro-Electric Commission) Act 1957, Local Bodies Interest Guarantee Act 1902, Local Government (Rates and Charges Remission) Act 1977, Mersey Marine Board Loan Act 1936, Midway Point Improvement Act 1975, Midway Point Improvement (Doubts Removal) Act 1983, Miners' Pensions Act 1982, Parliamanetary Retiring Benefits Act 1985, Parliamentary Superannuation Act 1973, Parliamentary Superannuation (Special Provision) Acts 1983 and 1985, Pay-roll Tax Act 1971, Petroleum Products Business Franchise Licences Act 1981, Petroleum Products Subsidy Act 1965, Police Association Loan Guarantee Acts 1968 and 1970, Port Huon Wharf Act 1955, Public Account Act 1986, Public Authorities (Overseas Borrowing) Act 1979, Public Bodies Assistance Act 1971, Public Servants' Retiring and Death Allowances Act 1925, Public Trust Office Act 1930, Railways (Transfer to Commonwealth) (Retirement Benefits) Act 1977, Reduction of Salaries (Members of Parliament and Judges) Act 1986, Retirment Benefits Act 1982, Retirement Benefits (Transferred Court Officers) Act 1978, Retirement Benefits ( Transferred Library Employess) Act 1978, Retirement Benefits (Transferred Tasmanian College of Advanced Education Employees) Acts 1978 and 1980, St Johns Hospital Loan Guarantee Acts 1968 and 1977, St Lukes Hospital Loan Guarantee Act 1973, St Vincents Hospital Loan Guarantee Act 1977, Servants' Home Trustees Enabling Act 1914, Smithton Recreation Ground Loan Act 1927, Springfield Improvement Acts 1958 and 1974, Stamp Duties Act 1931, Stamp Duties (Receipts) Act 1970, State Grants Commission Act 1976, State Loans to Local Bodies Act 1929, State Salaries (Commonwealth Taxation) Act 1916, State Savings Bank Transfer Agreement Act 1963, State Sinking Fund Act 1929, Statistical Returns Act 1877, Strahan Marine Board Loan Act 1963, Superannuation (Transferred Tasmanian College of Advanced Education employess) Act 1980, Tamar Yacht Club Loan Guarantee Act 1970, Tasman Bridge Disaster Trust Account Act 1975, Tasmania Bank Act 1987, Tasmanian Government Insurance Act 1919, Tasmanian Public Finance Incorporation Act 1985, The Hellyer Mine Agreement Ratification Act 1987, The Mount Lyell Mining and Railway Company Limited (Continuation of Operations) Acts 1985 and 1987, Tobacco Business Franchise Licences Act 1980, Wrest Point Casino (Further Agreement) Act 1976, Wrest Point Casino Licence and Development Act 1968.
Legislation Creating:
Functions Performed:
Finance management
Previous Agencies:
Treasury Department (TA91)01 Jan 182417 Jul 1989
Subsequent Agencies:
Department of Treasury and Finance (TA916)07 Nov 1989
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AE470 General Correspondence01 Jan 195331 Dec 1995

AE779 Index to General Correspondence (4)01 Jan 195931 Dec 1995

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