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Department of Treasury and Finance
Agency Number:
Start Date:
07 Nov 1989
Provide Government with advice and assistance on financial and economic matters and the planning and monitoring of budget strategies. Assess and collect certain taxes. Oversee the management and operation of the Public Trust Office, the State Government's superannuation schemes and the Tasmanian Gaming Commission (Between 1990 and 1992). The Department was created on 7 November 1989 by re-naming the Department of Finance to avoid confusion arising from the absence of a Department named Treasury. On 1 July 1990 the Department assumed administrative control of the Tasmanian Gaming Commission. On 18 February 1992, following the change of Government, the Department of Administrative Services and Consumer Affairs was abolished and Treasury and Finance assumed administrative control of the Government Printing Office, the State Purchasing and Sales Division and the Public Offices Division. At the same time the Gaming Commission was transferred to the Department of Construction. From 27 March 1996 administrative responsibility for the Licensing Commission was transferred from Tourism to Treasury. On the same date the Public Offices Branch of Environment and Land Management and its Services to Government Group (except for those staff dealing with heritage matters) were also transferred to Treasury.
Legislation Administered:
Statutory Rule 1990 No. 109 pp.398-401. Amended annually (see SR1998/124 pp.1327 and 1329-1335).;;Anzac Day Observance Act 1929; Bell Bay Power Station Act 2004; Business Undertakings Assistance Act 1984; Cascade Brewery Co Ltd (Shareholders Trust) Act 1980; Commonwealth and State Statistical Agreement Act 1924; Commonwealth Bank (Interpretation) Act 1954; Commonwealth Places (Minor Taxes Administration) Act 1999; Competition Policy Reform (Tasmania) Act 1996; Consolidated Fund Appropriation Act - Annual; Corporations (Tasmania) Act 1990; Decimal Currency Act 1965; Director of Public Prosecutions Act 1973; Duties Act 2001; Electricity Companies Act 1997; Electricity Supply Industry Act 1995; Fees Unit Act 1997; Financial Agreement Act 1994; Financial Management and Audit Act 1990; Financial Sector Reform (Tasmania) Act 1999; First Home Owner Grant Act 2000; Gaming Control Act 1993; Government Business Enterprises Act 1995; Government Business Enterprise (Sale) Act 2003; Government Prices Oversight Act 1995; Governor of Tasmania Act 1982; Homes (Sale of Mortgages) Act 1993; Homes Act 1935; Judge's Contributory Pensions Act 1968; Land Tax Acts 1995 and 2000; Land Tax Rating Act 2000; Legislation Repeal Act 2005; Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Subsidy) Act 1980; Liquor Licensing Act 1990; Local Government (Rates and Charges Remissions) Act 1991; Midway Point Improvement (Doubts Removal) Act 1983; Midway Point Improvement Act 1975; Mutual Recognition (Tasmania) Act 1993; National Taxation Reform (Commonwealth-State Relations) Act 1999; New Tax System Price Exploitation Code (Tasmania) Act 1999; Parliamentart Salaries, Superannuation and Allowances Act 1973; Pay-roll Tax Act 1971; Petroleum Products Subsidy Act 1965; Police Association Loan Guarantee Acts 1968 and 1970; Public Account Act 1986; Public Bodies Assistance Act 1971; Public Sector Superannuation Reform Act 1999; Public Works Committee Act 1914; Public Works Construction Act 1880; Public Works Tender Board Order 1997; Racing (Totalizator Betting) Act 1952; Retirement Benefits Act 1993; Retirement Benefits (State Fire Commission Superannuation Scheme) Act 2005; Revenue Legilation (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 2002; Servants' Home Trustees Enabling Act 1914; Solicitoer-General Act 1983; State Grants Commission Act 1976; State Loans and Loan Guarantees Act 1976; Subordinate Legislation Act 1992; Tasmanian Community Fund Act 2005; Tasmanian Public Finance Corporation Act 1985; Taxation Administration Act 1997; The hellyer Mine Agreement Ratification Act 1987; Tourism & Recreational Development Act 1977; Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition (Tasmania) Act 2003; Trustee Act 1898; TT-Line Gaming Act 1993; Unclaimed Moneys Act 1918.~
Legislation Creating:
Staturory Rule 1989 No. 167
Controlling Agencies:
Office of the Treasurer (TA424)01 Jan 1856
Premiums Board of Tasmania (TA1940)17 Sep 197431 Dec 1988
Subsequent Agencies:
Department of Construction (2) (TA909)18 Aug 198303 Feb 1993

Revenue & Gaming Division (TA1681)01 Dec 199403 Apr 2000