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Tasmanian Gaming Commission
Agency Number:
Start Date:
13 Feb 1984
Regulate and control casinos, lotteries and such other activities as may be prescribed. Statutory Rule 1990 number 107, promulgated 25 June 1990, removed the Commission from direct Ministerial control and, as part of a general reorganisation of the State Service, placed it under the administrative control of the Department of Treasury and Finance. On 18 February 1992, following a change of Government, the Commission was transferred to the Department of Construction when its Minister assumed control of racing and gaming. On 3 February 1993 gaming legislation was committed to the Treasurer, pending a final decision on the future of the Commission, and it was returned to the administrative control of the Department of Treasury and Finance.~
Legislation Administered:
Gaming Act 1983, Racing and Gaming Act 1952, Northern Casino Act 1978~Racing and Gaming Act 1952 (in so far as it relates to lotteries, pool betting and unlawful betting and gaming.~Northern Casino Act 1978
Legislation Creating:
Gaming Act 1983 (No.81 of 1983) (Section 2 of the Act provided that it would come into effect on 13 Feb 1984)
Controlling Agencies:
Department of Construction (2) (TA909)18 Aug 198303 Feb 1993

Department of Treasury and Finance (TA916)07 Nov 1989
Previous Agencies:
Tasmanian Racing & Gaming Commission (TA924)01 May 197413 Feb 1984
Tasmanian Racing Directorate (TA930)13 Feb 198412 Sep 1990

Gaming Operations Branch (TA1683)01 Dec 199430 Jun 2002

Liquor & Gaming Branch (TA1686)01 Jul 2002