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17 Jul 1989
As part of a general re-organisation of the Tasmanian State Service the Department changed its name slightly and shed all functions not relevant to its central mission. The Department of Public Administration was not formally amalgamated with the new Department until 1 July 1990. A Social Justice Unit was formed comprising the Offices of Aboriginal Affairs and Ethnic and Multicultural Affairs, transferred from Community Welfare, and a new Office of the Status of Women. At some point this latter was transferred to the major agency serving the Minister Assisting the Premier on the issue. By 27 March 1996 this was Education and the other two Offices in the Unit joined it. All three returned to DPAC on 18 September 1998. An Office of Antarctic Affairs was established to develop a proposal and lobby for Hobart as the base of the antarctic treaty organisation. Some time between 1992 and 1996 the Office was transferred to the department of Tourism, Sport and Recreation. On 18 February 1992, following a change of government, the Department of Administrative Services and Consumer Affairs was abolished. Its Corporate Services Division and the Tasmanian Centre for Information Technology were amalgamated with the Department of Premier and Cabinet. The former became the basis of the Public Sector Management Office formed within DPAC. Continuing devolution of responsibility for personnel management reduced the role and size of the Office and it was gradually absorbed into the operations of DPAC. The absorption of PSMO was formally completed on 27 March 1996. At the same time the Secretariat of the Sustainable Development Advisory Council and the Local Government Office were transferred to DPAC from Environment. (On 18 September 1998 the latter Office shed its responsibility for building, plumbing and related matters.) An Industrial Relations Unit was also formed within DPAC, comprising the Tasmanian Industrial Commission, the Office of the Enterprise Commissioner and all resposibilities for the Industrial Relations Act (from DIRVET) except for inspection services. The Freedom of Information Unit was transferred to the Department of Justice (SR1996/31). On 15 August a Major Projects Unit was established (SR1996/114) and on 21 May the following year (SR1997/54) it took over all responsibilities for major projects previously exercised by Tasmania Development and Resources. This Unit was transferred to the Department of State Development on 18 September 1998. At the same time (SR1998/122) the Industrial Relations Branch, Industrial Commission and Office of the Enterprise Commissioner were transferred to the Department of Justice and Industrial Relations.~
Legislation Administered:
Statutory Rules 1990 No. 109 pp.396-397~(Statutory Rules 1998 No. 124 pp.1318-1321); Industrial Relations Act 1984.;;Aboriginal Land Council Elections Act 2004; Aboriginal Lands Act 1995; Burial and Cremation Act 2002; Dog Control Act 2000; Launceston Flood Protection Act 1977; Local Government (Building and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1993; Local Government (Highways) Act 1982; Local Government (Savings and Transitional) Act 1993; Local Government Act 1993; Native Title (Tasmania) Act 1994; Ockerby Gardens Helipad Act 1999; Southern Regional Cemetery Act 1981; Administrative Arrangements (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 1990; Administrative Arrangements Act 1990; Anglican Church of Australia (All Saints Church) Act 1989; Anglican Church of Australia (Stanley Parsonage) Act 1984; Anglican Church of Australia Constitution Act 1973; Australia Acts (Request) Act 1985; Australia Acts (Request) Act 1999; Baptist Union Incorporation Act 1902; Church of England (Rectory of St. James the Apostle) Act 1980; Churches of Christ (Tasmania) Act 1978; Churches of Christ, Scientist, Incorporation Act 1980; Coastal and Other Waters (Application of State Laws) Act 1982; Constitution (State Employees) Act 1944; Constitution (Validation of Taxing Acts) Act 1991; Constitution Act 1934; Constitutional Powers (Coastal Waters) Act 1979; Crown Servants' Reinstatement Act 1970; Daylight Savings Act 1970; Ex-Servicemen's Badges Act 1967; Financial Managementand Audit Act 1990; Glebe Lands Act 1865; ;;Governor of Tasmania Act 1982; Hobart Hebrew Congregational Act 1958; Jim Bacon Foundation Act 2004; Legislation Publication Act 1996; Legislative Council Elections Act 1999; Parliament House Act 1962; Parliamentary (Disclosure of Interests) Act 1996; Parliamentary Privilege Acts 1858, 1885, 1898 and 1957; Police Service Act 2003; Presbyterian Church Acts 1896 and 1908; Presbyterian Church of Australia Acts 1901 and 1971; Public Accounts Committee Act 1970; Public Works Committee Act 1914; Roman Catholic Church Property Act 1932; Standard Time Act 1895; State Coastal Policy Validation Act 2003; State Policies and Projects Acr 1993; State Policies and Projects (Validtion of Actions) Act 2001; State Service Act 2000; State Service (Savings and Transitional Provisions) Act 2000; Statutory Authorities Act 1962; Subordinate Legislation Committee Act 1969; Tasmania Together Progress Board Act 2001; Tsuneichi Fujii Fellowship Trust Act 1985; Uniting Church of Australia Act 1977; Year 2000 Information Disclosure Act 1999.
Legislation Creating:
Statutory Rules 1989 Number 114.
Series Created By Agency:
AE716 Protocol Records relating to Official Visits to Tasmania06 Sep 191214 Feb 1995

AF354 Legal Opinions29 Jul 197511 Apr 1991

AE811 Index to General Correspondence01 Jan 197724 Nov 1993

AD763 General Correspondence01 Aug 197711 Jan 2001

AF350 Meeting Papers for Conferences Attended by Tasmanian Premier and State Ministers28 Jun 197907 Dec 1992

AF355 Gordon Below Franklin Dam Project Working Papers01 Oct 197917 Oct 1990

AE855 Publicity Photographs used by the Communications Office01 Jan 198531 Dec 1995

AF353 Meeting Papers for Ministerial Council and Standing Committee for the Tasmanian World Heritage Area14 Mar 198509 Jul 2000

AB982 Agendas, Papers and Minutes of the Legislation Review Committee.01 Jan 198931 Dec 1991

AF347 General Correspondence26 Mar 198902 Apr 1992

AB795 Answers to Parliamentary Questions on Notice.01 Jan 199031 Jan 1992

AF352 Meeting Papers of Tasmanian Economic Partnership19 Apr 199002 Oct 1991

AB791 Agendas, Papers and Minutes of the Building Construction Program Committee.01 Jan 199131 Dec 1991

AB796 Budget Sub-Committee Papers.01 Jul 199131 Dec 1991

AF425 Centenary of Federation - Administrative Files22 Jul 199706 Feb 2002

AF504 Tasmania Together - Community Liasion and Events01 Jan 199831 Dec 2002

AF518 Tasmanian Together - Advertising Material01 Jan 199931 Dec 2001

AF505 Tasmania Together - Administrative Files07 Jan 199916 Oct 2002

AF426 Centenary of Federation - Events and Celebrations01 Jan 200031 Dec 2001

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AF456 Centenary of Federation Community Stories07 Aug 200130 Nov 2001

AF457 Centenary of Federation Community Story Project Audio Tapes of Interviews07 Aug 200130 Nov 2001

AF458 Centenary of Federation Community Story Project Listing of Interviews07 Aug 200130 Nov 2001