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Marine Department
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1825
End Date:
31 Dec 1858
Management of government vessels and their crews. In 1826 the port office, harbour master and pilot services were also transferred to the Marine Dept., as was responsibility for lighthouses. In 1857 the Tasmanian Government legislated to provide for Marine Boards to manage individual ports. With the proclamation of Marine Boards for Hobart and Launceston, in 1858, the functions of the Department were transferred to the new Boards.
Legislation Administered:
19 Vict. No. 21 'Shipping Officers and Masters' (1856)
Legislation Creating:
Administrative action
Legislation Abolishing Agency:
Marine Board Act 1857
Functions Performed:
Maritime services
Previous Agencies:
Naval Department (TA932)01 Jan 180731 Dec 1827
Customs Department (TA61)01 Jan 182731 Dec 1901
Subsequent Agencies:
Marine Board of Hobart (TA71)01 Jan 185816 Dec 1996

Marine Board of Launceston (TA72)01 Jan 185801 Mar 1968
Series Created By Agency:
AE865 Maps, Plans and Schematic Drawings01 Jan 182427 Mar 1997

MB2/39 Reports of Ships' Arrivals with Lists of Passengers24 Mar 182931 Dec 1970

MB2/61 Ledger of Debits and Credits under Various Accounts.01 Apr 183030 Nov 1832

AB562 Guide to General Letterbooks, Lighthouse Letterbooks, Arrival Books and Minute Books.01 Jan 183131 Dec 1932

AB563 Letterbooks.01 Mar 183131 Jan 1875

MB2/2 Letterbooks of the Port Officer17 Feb 183330 Jun 1849

MB2/94 Returns of Rations issued to Crews and Employees.01 Apr 183430 Apr 1835

AD364 Book of Wages paid to Crews of Government Ships01 Jul 183430 Jun 1836

MB2/95 Register of Rations issued to Servants.01 Apr 183631 Jan 1844

MB2/42 Returns of Ships' Departures.01 Jul 183628 Feb 1838

MB2/43 Lists of Outward Passengers.23 Dec 183614 Feb 1838

MB2/96 List of French Ships arriving at Hobart.01 Jan 184031 Dec 1852

AB845 Harbour Master's Letterbooks, Launceston.22 Mar 184010 Aug 1910

MB2/46 Journals of the Hobart Marine Board Office01 Jul 184028 Feb 1959

AB846 Port Officer's Letterbook, Launceston.01 Jan 184231 Dec 1852

MB2/4 Correspondence with the Colonial Secretary.01 Jan 184331 Dec 1852

MB2/13 Correspondence from the Accountant of Stores.01 Apr 184431 Dec 1852

MB2/97 Extracts from the Tasmanian Government Gazette of Notices concerning the Board.01 Jan 184531 Dec 1910

MB2/78 Wages Books01 Mar 184530 Sep 1871

MB2/5 Correspondence with, and Returns and Reports from, Lighthouse Keepers.01 Jan 184631 Dec 1934

MB2/33 Official Agreements, Accounts and Logs for Masters and Crews Signed on at Hobart01 Jan 184612 Dec 1967

MB2/44 Registers of Ships' Departures01 Nov 184804 Jan 1986

MB2/1 Miscellaneous Correspondence.01 Jan 185031 Dec 1948

MB2/45 Harbour Master's Register of the Movement of Vessels in Port01 Oct 185008 Apr 1974

MB2/150 Pilots' Register of Masters' Requests for Pilot Services on Outward Bound Ships.01 Oct 185031 Mar 1930

MB2/7 Correspondence and associated Papers about Wharves and Wharfage Rates.01 Jan 185131 Dec 1917

MB2/149 Pilots' Register of Masters' Requests for Pilot Services on Inward Bound Ships.01 May 185131 Mar 1938

MB2/62 Journals of Income from Pilotage and Harbour Dues.01 Jul 185130 Jun 1951

AB760 Logbook Returns sent in from Lighthouse Keepers.01 Jan 185231 Dec 1886

AB743 Miscellaneous Applications for Various Certificates and Licences [Srd].01 Jan 185231 Dec 1947

MB2/98 Nominal Return of the Convict Guard on Board the Fairlie.18 Feb 185218 Feb 1852

MB2/151 Logbook of the Windmill Hill Signal Station.01 Mar 185230 Jun 1854

MB2/99 Butts and Copies of Certificates issued to Masters Granting Exemptions from Using Pilots01 Sep 185231 Mar 1971

MB2/14 Correspondence from the Harbour Master, Launceston01 Nov 185331 Dec 1855

MB2/48 Logbook of the Government Schooner, Beacon.01 Dec 185331 Jul 1857

MB2/49 Official Logbook of the Brig Rachel Cohen.01 Dec 185331 Jul 1857

AE479 Miscellaneous Information recorded by the Harbour Master01 Jan 185431 Dec 1868

MB2/81 Return of Harbour Dues and Pilotage collected at Launceston.01 Jan 185431 Dec 1855

AB761 Logbook Returns from the Mount Direction Signal Station.01 Apr 185430 Apr 1854

AB762 Logbook Returns from the Mount George Signal Station.01 Apr 185430 Apr 1854

MB2/56 Registers of Stores sent to Lighthouses.01 Dec 185530 Nov 1901

MB2/22 Letterbook of the Shipping Master.01 Mar 185631 Dec 1905

MB2/35 Registers of Crew discharged from Various Vessels01 Mar 185630 Apr 1918

MB2/153 Logbook of Signal Station No 3 (?).01 Jul 185630 Sep 1856

MB2/152 Logbook of the George Town Signal Station.01 Sep 185630 Sep 1856

MB2/154 Logbook of the Low Head Pilot Station.01 Sep 185630 Sep 1856

MB2/52 Logbooks of Lighthouse Keepers.01 Jan 185731 Dec 1905

MB2/100 Scrapbook Containing Copies of Sailing Instructions, Notices to Mariners Etc.01 Jan 185730 Jun 1905

MB2/79 Wages Sheets.01 Jun 185731 Dec 1858

MB2/6 Correspondence about Lighthouses.01 Jan 185831 Dec 1904