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Naval Department
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1807
End Date:
31 Dec 1827
Port management (including pilot services), assessment and collection of duties and the prevention of smuggling. Lt.Gov. Collins issued Port Orders, regulating port operations and customs duties, in 1804. No specific officer was responsible for their enforcement until 1807, when he appointed his cousin William as Naval Officer and vested him with the duties of Customs Officer. The port management responsibilities of the Naval Department expanded with the population of the colony and lighthouses came under its control as they were built. In 1825 a separate Marine Department was established to manage government vessels. When civilians were appointed as Collectors of Customs, apparently in 1826, the port office, harbour master and pilot services were also transferred to the Marine Department. It is unclear whether the customs function was constituted a separate department at this time or continued to operate as the Naval Department until December 1827 when a branch of His Majesty's Customs, under the control of the Commissioners of Customs in London, was established at Hobart.~
Legislation Administered:
Port Orders.
Legislation Creating:
Administrative action.
Functions Performed:
Maritime services
Controlling Agencies:
Lieutenant-Governor's Office (TA863)16 Feb 180403 Dec 1825

Governor's Office (TA315)01 Jan 1825
Subsequent Agencies:
Marine Department (TA931)01 Jan 182531 Dec 1858

Customs Department (TA61)01 Jan 182731 Dec 1901