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Invalid Depot, New Norfolk
Agency Number:
Start Date:
03 Apr 1827
End Date:
20 Jun 1848
The New Norfolk depot had a small hospital attached to it, because of its location, to treat periods of acute illness. The hospital was also available to settlers in the district. The first invalids were admitted on 2 June 1827. A lunatic ward was added to the Depot and admitted its first patient on 8 April 1829. In 1832 Lt-Governor Arthur decided to concentrate all lunatics at New Norfolk. New buildings for this purpose were completed in 1834 and at that time there was accommodation for 110 male and 40 female invalids and 40 lunatics of each sex. By 1837 the lunatic wards were overcrowded. As money for new buildings was not available the pressure was eased by dispersing some of the invalids to other depots attached to convict stations and New Norfolk became primarily a lunatic asylum. Because of its hospital and its location on the main route north from Hobart it continued to house some invalids. In 1846 the remaining female invalids were transferred to the Colonial Hospital in Hobart. The remaining males followed in 1848 and on 20 June the Comptoller-General placed a notice in the Gazette that medical services would no longer be provided, either to convicts or free settlers, at New Norfolk. This effectively marked the closing of the Depot and henceforth the establishment was used solely for the treatment of mental illness.~
Legislation Administered:
As an imperial establishment the depot was not affected by colonial statutes.
Legislation Creating:
Governor's Minute of 3 Apr 1827 (CSO 1/83/1838)
Functions Performed:
Community services
Health care
Controlling Agencies:
Governor's Office (TA315)01 Jan 1825
Royal Derwent Hospital (TA465)01 Jan 182730 Nov 2000
Series Created By Agency:
HSD269 Monthly Returns - Males.01 Jan 184531 Jul 1847

HSD270 Register of Admissions and Discharges.01 Apr 184530 Apr 1848

HSD259 List of Invalid Females remaining in the Hospital01 Jan 184801 Jan 1848