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Unidentified Creating Agency
Agency Number:
Agency for series where there is no identifiable creating agency.
Agency for series where there is no identifiable creating agency. This is a convention adopted by the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office.
Provenance information may be found by referring to the Archives Office's administrative files in series AF536. The 'NS' of the series number matches the 'NG' number of the administrative file - but ONLY UP UNTIL series NS 2034. After this the record-keeping changed, and a discreet file was kept for all items attributed to XX1.
Some of the records in series AF536 may be closed for a period of years. Application can be made to the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office for permission to view these files.

Functions Performed:
Archival collections
Series Created By Agency:
MAP1 Maps01 Jan 179201 Jan 1977

LMSS72 Miscellaneous Letters11 Feb 180629 Sep 1909

NS117 Maps, Plans and associated Papers04 Feb 181401 Dec 1891

NS802 Miscellaneous Deeds18 Jul 181508 Mar 1833

LMSS758 Large Ephemera Posters Etc01 Jan 181631 Dec 1987

NS6 Life Assurance Policies for John Barrett and Rev Robert Campbell Drought and an Autograph Book01 Jan 181703 Jun 1840

NS3945 Day Books of an Unidentified Store, Possibly in Launceston01 May 182130 Aug 1822

NS3946 Ledger of an Unidentied Store, Possibly in Launceston01 Jan 182231 Dec 1822

LMSS747 Title Deeds of the Property Said to Be 18-20 Brisbane Street09 Jan 182307 May 1833

NS1463 Miscellaneous Documents01 Feb 182330 Sep 1936

ALL7 Notes on Tasmanian Aboriginals19 Mar 183014 Jul 1891

NS69 Mortgage from S Hill to Joseph Solomon of Land in Launceston and Two Convict Passes17 Oct 183207 Nov 1856

LMSS232 Church Records01 Jan 183731 Dec 1975

NS10 Miscellaneous Documents28 Jan 183715 Aug 1945

NS398 Police Notice, 183819 Jun 183819 Jun 1838

NS59 Maps of Tasmania01 Jan 183931 Dec 1839

NS857 Title Deeds to House at Fitzroy Crescent01 Jan 184020 May 1960

NS1509 Copies of Letters from Sir George Arthur relating to the Loane Case12 Feb 184004 Apr 1840

NS3947 Letter from a Servants' Registry05 Jun 184005 Jun 1840

LMSS654 Land Grants and Indenture29 Jun 184009 Apr 1862

NS86 Miscellaneous Business Ledgers11 Jan 184208 Mar 1875

NS54 Payment of Free or Convict Pardon13 Jan 1842

NS238 Photographs of Early Tasmanian Governors01 Jan 184306 Feb 1897

NS108 Deeds relating to the Transfer of Property in Sorell30 May 184314 Jan 1865

NS1472 Copy of Surgeon's List for 45 Convicts Transported Per Emerald Isle17 Jun 1843

NS83 Miscellaneous Documents20 Nov 184431 Dec 1877

NS596 Estate and Allotment Plans01 Jan 184631 Dec 1851

NS977 Miscellaneous Records01 Jan 184631 May 1888

NS111 Day Ledger of Accounts31 Aug 184609 Apr 1847

LMSS526 Title Deeds: 95-99 Canning Street, Launceston31 Mar 184720 Nov 1961

NS807 Miscellaneous Documents12 Oct 184723 Aug 1882

NS3118 Letter to Isabella Mortyn from R. Graham Smith18 Nov 184718 Nov 1847

NS1365 Examples of Licences issued03 Aug 184931 Dec 1858

ALL53 Allport Manuscripts by Unidentified or unknown Authors01 Jan 185009 Feb 1960

NS525 Copies of Music Composed in Van Diemen's Land, Composer unknown01 Jan 1850

NS3210 Photographs of the Bunster and Young Families01 Jan 185031 Dec 1919

NS442 Convicts Certificates18 Mar 185009 Dec 1875

LMSS598 William Newson Ling's Pilots Certificate22 Nov 1853

NS509 Indenture Granting a Lease to John Ross and Plans for a Cottage in Battery Point22 Sep 185431 Dec 1889

LMSS688 Land Title Deeds20 Dec 185405 Aug 1975

NS1521 Membership List of the Ladies Harbour Lights Guild and Photographs of Entally, Swansea, Lindisfarne and Sandy Bay29 Apr 185531 Dec 1952

NS396 Letter of W. Henty and of J. T. Gellibrand26 Jan 185808 Mar 1872

LPIC147 Launceston Collection of Photographs of Places, Events, Buildings and General Subjects01 Jan 185931 Dec 2013

NS85 A Plan of Kempton and One of Poperty Owned by Mr Speak at Consitution Hill23 Aug 1859

PH40 Collection of Photographs01 Jan 186031 Dec 2006

LMSS754 Historic Portraits01 Jan 186031 Dec 1954

NS126 Lantern Slides01 Jan 186031 Dec 1903

PH30 Miscellaneous Collection of Photographs.01 Jan 186031 Dec 1992

LPIC77 Photograph of Ronald Campbell Gunn01 Jan 186031 Dec 1869

LMSS447 Deeds of 7 Duke Street, Launceston17 Dec 186031 Dec 1972

NS427 Fragment of a Diary22 Jan 186311 Feb 1963

LMSS599 Receipt Book of the Launceston Times and Cornwall Chronicle Newspapers24 Aug 186709 Feb 1870

NS1477 A Lease of 146 Acres of Land and Premises in Evandale from George Collins to David Collins01 Jan 1868

PH2 Album of Photographs by S Clifford01 Jan 186931 Dec 1869

PH4 Album of Photographs01 Jan 187031 Dec 1870

PH5 Album of Photographs01 Jan 187031 Dec 1870

PH1 Album of Photographs of Tasmania01 Jan 187031 Dec 1870

NS73/1 Miscellaneous Photographs01 Jan 187031 Dec 1900

NS73 Miscellaneous Silk Programmes01 Jan 187031 Dec 1870

NS98 Photocopies of Mm69 - Calder Articles in Tasmanian Press01 Jan 187020 Feb 1882

NS3027 Photographs of Tasmania01 Jan 187031 Dec 1909

NS129 Birthday Book09 Apr 1875

NS3314 Legal Documents re Land Belong to Maxwell in Princes Street, Sandy Bay.29 May 187704 Jul 1949

NS1958 Ledger - 1879, 1926, 1933-4222 Jul 187931 Mar 1942

PH7 Album of Photographs01 Jan 1880

PH3 Album of Photographs01 Jan 188031 Dec 1880

NS3303 Photograph Album of Tasmanian Scenes01 Jan 188031 Dec 1889

NS2675 Testimonial to Edgar Harris01 Jan 188401 Jan 1884

LMSS653 Agreements for Sale of Land at Trevallyn05 Aug 188422 Sep 1888

LPIC46 Facsimile Copies of Original Plans of the Post and Telegraph Office Launceston01 Jan 188531 Dec 1887

NS1792 Five in Memoriam Cards01 Jan 1885

NS1796 Photograph Album01 Jan 188531 Dec 1905

NS531 Share Registers and Photographs01 Jan 188931 Dec 1930

LPIC129 Collection of Glass Plate Negative Photographs01 Jan 189031 Dec 1899

LPIC32 Collection of Glass Plate Negatives of Waverley01 Jan 189031 Dec 1899

LPIC72 Historic Photographs of Longford Area01 Jan 189031 Dec 1899

LPIC109 Photograph- Portrait of unknown Man01 Jan 189031 Dec 1899

NS345 Photographs of Tasmania01 Jan 189031 Dec 1940

NS1124 Copy of the Bagdad News01 Jan 1892

NS520 Diary of a Garden - Cometta, Charles and Frankland Street Launceston31 Aug 189330 Nov 1898

NS541 Notes of History of St Clement's Anglican Church, Kingston and St James, Ranalagh01 Jan 189431 Aug 1976

NS1514 Certificate of Right of Burial issued by the Hobart Public Cemetery21 Mar 1894

PH9 Album of Photographs01 Jan 1900

PH12 Album of Photographs01 Jan 1900

PH11 Album of Photographs01 Jan 1900

PH6 Album of Photographs01 Jan 1900

PH10 Album of Photographs - Anson Brothers01 Jan 190031 Dec 1900

PH8 Album of Photographs - Norfolk Island01 Jan 1900

LPIC160 Art Nouveau Album of Tasmanian Postcards01 Jan 190031 Dec 1910

ALL49 Church of England Prayer01 Jan 190001 Jan 1950

NS483 Collection of Glass Plate Negatives01 Jan 190031 Dec 1920

NS1432 Copies of Photographs of Launceston01 Jan 1900

NS1567 Glass Plate Negatives of a Family Living at Eaglehawk Neck01 Jan 190031 Dec 1930

LPIC131 Lantern Slide Photographs of Launceston and Vicinity01 Jan 190031 Dec 1910

ALL24 Notes on Austins Ferry01 Jan 190031 Dec 1940

NS1490 Photographs01 Jan 190031 Dec 1920

NS2389 Photographs of a West Hobart Family.01 Jan 190031 Dec 1900

PH13 Series Ph13 Photos01 Jan 1900

LPIC64 Invitations to Australian Commonwealth Celebrations07 May 190110 May 1901

LPIC65 Invitation to Meet the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York09 May 190109 May 1901

NS797 Copies of Photographs of Tasmanian Brass Bands01 Jan 190431 Dec 1952

LMSS257 Copy of the Transcript of Proceedings of the Marine Enquiry Into the Sinking of the Barque Eden Holme23 Jan 190723 Jan 1907

LMSS17 Copy of a Beaconsfield Butcher's Account Book01 Jan 190931 Dec 1914

NS1781 Glass Plates Negatives of Tasmanian Scenes01 Jan 1910

NS269 Miscellaneous Farm Ledger01 Jun 191131 Dec 1916

PH33 Album of Photographs - Tasmanian Views16 Feb 1914

NS3279 Certificate of Competency As First Class Engine Driver31 Dec 191431 Dec 1914

NS3280 Photographs - Union Conferences01 Jan 191522 Mar 1927

LMSS720 Photographs of Hydro Electric Commission Great Lake Power Scheme01 Jan 191631 Dec 1930

NS1879 Register of Searches (?) Undertaken by an Unidentified Legal Office.10 Feb 191602 Sep 1938

LMSS748 Survey Diagram Parish of Launceston01 Aug 1916

NS636 Copy of the Log Book of the Rachel Cohen and Aristides01 Feb 191926 Feb 1932

NS3302 Photograph Album of Colonial Architecture01 Jan 192031 Dec 1940

NS3565 Photograph Album of Tasmanian Scenes01 Jan 1920

LPIC156 Photographs of York Street Gospel Hall, Launceston. Formerly Baptist Chapel, Now 113 York Street, Launceston01 Jan 192031 Dec 1929

LPIC112 Photographs of Prince of Wales, 1920 Etc01 Jan 192031 Dec 1929

NS90 Photographs of 1920 Royal Visit19 Jul 192019 Jul 1920

LPIC80 Photograph of the Charles Street School, Launceston.01 Jan 192231 Dec 1922

NS326 Commission issued to E.W. Turner, E. Mulcahy and G.W. Stead to "Enquire Into the System of the State Railways in Tasmania".15 Feb 192315 Feb 1923

NS2401 Port Arthur Tower Visitors Book04 Apr 192319 Mar 1962

NS3309 Pages from a Photograph Album 'Trip to Tasmania'01 Jan 192531 Dec 1935

NS3292 Photograph Album01 May 192731 May 1931

LPIC84 Photographs of 1929 Flood, Launceston.03 Apr 192930 Apr 1929

NS4027 Film - Excursion to Evandale [Possibly of Examiner Newspaper Staff]01 Jan 193031 Dec 1930

NS99 Negatives of the Catamaran Tramway01 Jan 1930

NS3305 Photograph Album of Aerial Views of Tasmania by J.J.N Barnett01 Jan 193031 Dec 1939

NS1720 Plan of Building proposed Liverpool St , Hobart & Front Elevation New Orfolk Council Chambers01 Jan 193031 Dec 1930

NS3300 Photograph Album 'Snapshots of Trip to Tasmania - 1933'22 Dec 193302 Jan 1934

NS1249 16Mm Film of the Dedication of St David's Cathedral Tower and Bells in Hobart by the Bishop of Tasmania, Rev Dr R S Hay06 Dec 193606 Dec 1936

NS3304 Photograph Album of Tasmanian Scenes 193712 Jan 193722 Jan 1937

NS3308 Photograph Album 'Trip to Tasmania' 193801 Jan 193831 Dec 1938

LPIC26 Photographs01 Jan 193931 Dec 1939

LPIC51 Panorama of Lauceston Looking North from the Corner of Frankland and Charles Streets.01 Jan 194031 Dec 1949

LPIC138 Photograph of Buildings, Paterson Street, Launceston01 Jan 194031 Dec 1949

LPIC63 Photographs of Koepang, Timor01 Jan 194531 Dec 1945

NS3306 Photograph Album of 'Trip to Tasmania' - 194801 Jan 194831 Dec 1948

NS3307 Photograph Album 'Trip to Tasmania' - 194801 Jan 194831 Dec 1948

NS6367 Album of Hydro Electric Infrastructure Photographs01 Jan 195031 Dec 1969

NS3743 Film of Launceston01 Jan 195031 Dec 1960

NS1142 Film of John Pascoe Faulkner's Cottage, Windermere, at Claremont01 Jan 1951

NS6693 Tourism Itineraries06 Mar 195112 May 1953

NS2507 House Plan of 52 Karoola Road, Lindisfarne01 Jan 195231 Dec 1952

NS1742 Film of Family Activities and Official Opening of Winnaleah School by Robert Cosgrove01 Jan 195531 Dec 1955

NS1809 Photographs of a Trip to Tasmania by a Visitor from Victoria01 Jan 195831 Dec 1959

NS1927 Plans of Building, 2 Elizabeth Street, Hobart01 Jan 195831 Jan 1958

LPIC59 Copies of Photographs of Old Launceston Public Library. See Lmss712 for Originals01 Jan 196001 Oct 1977

LPIC136 Photographs of Motor Racing at Longford and Symmons Plains01 Jan 196031 Dec 1969

LMSS135 Scrapbooks relating to Television in the Northen Part of Tasmania25 May 196118 Aug 1988

NS3364 Scrapbook of History of George Town Region by Grade Iv Students01 Jan 196231 Dec 1963

NS1455 Audio Cassette Recordings of Tasmanian Identities.01 Jan 196321 Jul 1982

LPIC67 Certificate of Life Membership of the Tasmanian Master Footwear Repairers Association06 Nov 196406 Nov 1964

LMSS746 Reports of Tasmania's 1967 Bushfires07 Feb 196710 Feb 1967

NS4067 Letter Regarding the 1967 Bushfires08 Feb 196708 Feb 1967

LPIC126 Contemporary Prints, Pacific Island Influence01 Jan 197031 Dec 1979

LPIC43 Photographs of Staff and Activities at Launceston Library01 Jan 197031 Dec 1999

NS484 Genealogical Information on the Harrex and Burris Families

NS1519 Miscellaneous Films

NS852 Miscellaneous Photograph Albums and Documents

LPIC154 Photographs and Pictures

LPIC134 Photomechanical Plates Featuring Early Tasmanian Buildings and Scenes

NS1305 Plan of Houghton Mills, Glenorchy

NS3281 Union Card of William Thomas Corby

LPIC58 Slides of Historic Buildings in Tasmania01 Jan 197231 Dec 1972

LPIC57 Slides of Country Libraries in Tasmania01 Jan 197431 Dec 1974

LPIC56 Slides of Demolition of the Launceston Police Station01 Jan 197931 Dec 1979

NS5592 Documents relating to the Peat Moss Affair29 Aug 198303 May 1988