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Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Mar 1978
End Date:
15 Nov 1997
The Tasmanian and Federal Governments entered into an agreement for the transfer of the Tasmanian Railways to the Australian National Railways Commission on 1 July 1975 but until the "Declared Date" on 1 March 1978 Tasmania continued to administer, maintain and operate the railway system as an agent acting on behalf of the Commission. The operating agency, Transport Commission Tasmania, continued to administer and operate the system as an agent of the Commission until the Commission assumed full control of the Tasmanian Government Railways on 1 March 1978.

Under Section 10 of the Railways (Tasmania) Act 1975 the Commission is authorised to operate railways in Tasmania. Under this agreement between the Commonwealth and Tasmania Governments the Commission may administer, maintain and operate railways and services in Tasmania, as well as construct and extend railways in Tasmania and administer, maintain and operate railways so constructed or extended.

The Australian National Railway Commission sold the assets of AN Tasrail to a private consortium, trading as Tasrail Pty Ltd, which began operations on Saturday 15 November 1997. The land over which the track is laid reverted to the State Government of Tasmania.

Legislation Creating:
Railways (Tasmania) Act 1975
Previous Agencies:
Transport Commission, Railway Branch (TA1736)01 Jul 193901 Mar 1978
Subsequent Agencies:
Australian Transport Network/pacific National (NG2818)15 Nov 199701 Dec 2009
Series Created By Agency:
P1330 Civil Engineering Drawings of Tasmanian Railways and Works01 Jan 183301 Jan 1992

P2829 Clearance, Curve and Gradient, Cant and Other Measurements of the Tasmanian Railways Permanent Way01 Jan 187201 Jan 1997

P2826 Copied Civil and Mechanical Engineering Drawings from Other States and Rail Operators01 Jan 187201 Jan 1996

P2831 Rolling Stock Reports and Asset Management Records for Tasmanian Government Railways and Australian National Railways Commission01 Jan 187301 Jan 1992

P2376 Registers of Service History of Tasmanian Railway Rolling Stock, Locomotives, Self Propelled Rail Cars, Camp Wagons and Containers01 Jun 187330 Aug 1989

P2316 Locomotive, Rail Car, Wagon and Carriage Outline Diagrams31 Dec 187515 Nov 1997

P2213 Civil Engineering Construction Drawings01 Jan 189015 Nov 1997

P2324 Assets Register (Stores and Equipment Book),29 Jan 189215 Nov 1997

P2092 Head Office Correspondence Files01 Dec 189215 Nov 1997

P2076 Train Control Records for Single Line Working (including Staff and Ticket System)01 Jan 190101 Dec 1983

P2129 Contracts, Licences, Agreements, Leases, Briefs Etc.01 Jan 190501 Jan 1990

P2121 Photographs of Permanent Way and Rail Operations01 Jan 190615 Nov 1997

P2527 Files and Photographs relating to Requests for Information about Tasmanian Railways History and Operations01 Jan 192015 Nov 1997

P2036 Papers relating to Tasmanian Railways collected from the Civil Engineers Office, Invermay, December 1990.01 Jan 192001 Dec 1990

P2423 Specifications, Railway Mechanical, Single Number Series01 Jan 192515 Nov 1997

P2122 Miscellaneous Tasmanian Railway Instructions / Publications01 Dec 192901 Jan 1990

P1332 Architectural Drawings, Railway Civil01 Jan 193015 Nov 1997

P2294 Register Cards of Architectural Drawings (P1332)01 Jan 193001 Oct 1992

P1279 "new" Railway Mechanical Drawings01 Jan 193515 Nov 1997

P2094 Correspondence Files, Civil Engineering Branch01 Jan 193631 Dec 1990

P2424 Drawing Office Folders, Railway Mechanical01 Jan 193631 Dec 1992

P1304 Register/index of Drawing Office Folders01 Jan 193631 Dec 1983

P2335 Volumes of Memoranda issued by Chief Traffic Manager and District Superintendent, Traffic Branch - Missing20 Sep 194006 Mar 1984

P2096 Correspondence Files, Mechanical Engineering Branch01 Jan 194401 Jan 1986

P2559 Alteration Forms23 Jun 194415 Nov 1997

P1284 Construction Drawings for Diesel and Diesel Electric Locomotives01 Jan 194615 Nov 1997

P1278 Index Cards of New Drawings, Railway Mechanical01 Jan 194615 Nov 1997

P2300 Register Cards for Civil Engineering Drawings (P2213)01 Jan 194615 Nov 1997

P1277 Register of 'New' Railway Mechanical Drawings01 Jan 194615 Nov 1997

P2181 Correspondence Files, Hobart Railway Station, Annual Single Number Series15 Nov 194631 Dec 1985

P2225 Tasmanian Railways Weekly, Fortnightly and Staff Notices01 Jan 194715 Nov 1997

P2601 Chief Mechanical Engineer's Standard Instructions, Single Number Series03 Mar 194715 Nov 1997

P2327 Record of Goods Damaged or Missing14 Aug 194731 May 1989

P2616 Engine Maintenance Records, Numerical by Engine Number01 Jan 195015 Nov 1997

P1285 Indexes to Construction Drawings for Diesel and Diesel Electric Locomotives01 Jan 195015 Nov 1997

P2206 Correspondence Files, Hobart Railway Station, Alphabetical Series01 Jan 195231 Dec 1985

P2147 Index to Level Crossings Files01 Jan 195231 Dec 1989

P2140 Duty Statements31 Dec 195715 Nov 1997

P2309 Derailment Register01 Jan 196015 Nov 1997

P2589 Production Office Job Register, Alphabetical Series01 Jan 196031 Dec 1979

P2421 Papers relating to Tasmanian Railway Bridges01 Jan 196231 Dec 1992

P2378 Civil Engineering Reports, Tender Documentation, Specifications and Surveys relating to Tasmanian Railways01 Jan 196515 Nov 1997

P2334 Train Control Diagrams09 Sep 196531 Mar 1973

P1994 Correspondence Files of the Operations Branch01 Jan 196701 Jul 1991

P2114 Cottage Files, Civil Engineering Branch, Numerical Series with C Prefix01 Jan 196801 Mar 1982

P2255 Train Control Logs12 Aug 196915 Nov 1997

P2341 Index Booklets to Property Files, Civil Engineering Branch01 Dec 196931 Dec 1982

P2136 Correspondence Registers, Chief Engineer's Office01 Jan 197131 Dec 1988

P2003 Asset Registers01 Jan 197831 Dec 1986

P2605 Locomotive Foremans Log Books, Chronological Series01 Jan 197815 Nov 1997

P2247 Records of the Operations Branch Covering Derailments, Collisions and Other Accidents02 Apr 198615 Nov 1997